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Kenwood TL-922 Revival Modification Kit

Kenwood TL-922

The Kenwood TL-922/TL-922A is a relatively low-cost HF linear amplifier with outstanding ergonomics. These amplifiers were constructed with high-quality components, in a form-factor that is attractive, functional, and unobtrusive. Unfortunately, that original design (now 30+ years old) included a number of design shortcomings, some of which were detrimental to the amplifier's operation and longevity.

Kessler Engineering used to offer repair and modification of Kenwood TL-922 amplifiers. Unfortunately, due to increasing time constraints we chose to cease offering this service in 2008. However, we did not foresee that the modifications we provided would prove to be so very popular. Despite it being over six years since we ceased this service, we still receive frequent requests for our TL-922 modification.

While we are no longer able to offer this service, because of the sustained demand, we sought to simplify and streamline the modification process so that others could reliably and without difficulty, modify their own amplifiers and still achieve the incredible level of performance and reliability that we had provided to our TL-922 amplifier modification customers.

A problem not always easily overcome by those seeking to perform these upgrades, is exactly how and where to implement them as well as where to find appropriate sources of parts. Another complication arises when one attempts to service a modified amplifier, particularly if modified by someone else. Depending upon the modifier's competency, willingness to document, and overall "neatness", troubleshooting such an amplifier can become a daunting task.

Kessler Engineering has overcome these challenges for you by making the process of upgrading the TL-922 amplifier much more practical, affordable, and serviceable. Furthermore, we wanted to facilitate a "neat" and "standardized" implementation making it easy to service and to maintain for years to come.

The $360.00 kit (sold ONLY as a complete set of components and circuit boards -- no exceptions) includes everything for the electronic bias, soft-keying, etc. It does not include the parasitic modification components.

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Kenwood TL-922 Revival Kit Manual (PDF)

Updated June 12, 2019

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